An Angolan born on the 23 January 1981 in Kuito/Bié province, First born of 14 siblings, not all siblings from the same biological mother. his father worked as a medical orthopedist and teacher, his mother as educational teacher. Life started long and near 1981, after surviving 9 month captive civil war in Kuito in 1992, at the a age 11 he had to take grown up responsibility including feeding his family, care for his loved ones plus holding gun for any eventual need… God knows it all… He had seen it all but nevertheless give up on his hopes of becoming a better person. Lost lots of family and friend also made new ones along the way. He still caries hard memories not easy to be forgotten or expressed all off witch turned him to the man that is today, the never give up kind, thru all odds and graces he became self-proclaimed as an human rights activist, HIV and aids counselor and good governance studies.

A dreamer on a pursuit of big achievements he embarked to a long journey living Kuito/Bie to a much big cities like Benguela, Luanda then coming to South Africa in Pretoria, my adoptive second home. Was not all varietals, had to humble himself and not ashamed to say today, worked as domestic worker in student houses for rent, food, clothes, and love, was a waiter, cab driver, you name it he had done it all, but never leaving behind the enrichment on his educational growth up to date. Continuing in his adventures on different areas learning, He is an medical interpreter, travel agent, HIV and aids activist, solo helicopter pilot and businessman.

his uniqueness is not just in his name, sound but in his insatiable appetite for social justice, cohesion, community empowerment and the upholding of human rights among our beautiful communities” so says Estanislau, outlining his personal philosophy on life purpose. The singer/ song writer/producer with an inclination to DRAMATIC Neo-Soul/Rnb/pop is a box of surprises and feels of an all-around music superstar and still holding a great deal of humility and soft spookiness. Neo-Soul can be described as a music genre that allows him freedom of expression and no limitation as a singer, a mellow and oozing with maturity inclining to classical soul, R&B and pop. The music bug has been biting him his entire life to the very first time he tried studio in 2011 recording my first album titled Never Give Up (To be reedited in 2017).

His a marvel and amazing artist to watch when he transforms on stage where he gives that 101% of him, never missing the expression as an artist-audience interaction on his born techniques. His passion for music, singing and writing started at very early stage of his life but due to a vast influence and ambience of sounds, decided to turn it in to consolidation in a more mature stage of his life. Highly expired by legends of the 80’s up to date like Phill Collins, Michael Jackson, Ivone Chaca Chaca, Shade, Erica Badoo, Michael Buble, Luciano Pavarotti, Trace Chapman, Celine Dion, Enriques Iglesias, Leoadro & Leonardo, Zeze de Camargo & Luciano, Roberta Miranda, Roberto Carlos, Luan Santana, Bruno Mars, Antony Hamilton, John Legende, Paulo Flores, Jacinto Chipa, Sabino Henda, Sam Smith, to the endless list of great artists in the vast musical universe.

He has shared the stage with talented artists like Bra Oliver Mtukudzi, Selaelo Selota, BO (from Denim), Black birds, Joseph Clark, Dozi, Bok Van Blerk, Ampie, Snotkop, Leandie, Kurt Darren, Johan Kelber, the Parlatones just to mention but a few. Randfontein Show, Dollosfees Music Festivals, Pretoria State Theatre and Attubery Theatre are some of the stages that his fans can and will witness their idol doing what he knows best. Shake it off is his debut single taken off the debut album Déjà Vu which was recently released on ITunes and you tube. In shake it Off, Estanislau is encouraging everyone to be happy no matter the circumstances and express themselves on dance floors. Happiness is a source of peace, joy, Ubuntu and self believe. The Album can be summarized as an oasis of feels, love, life, empowerment and discipline. Feel good music with a variety of flavors. He worked with legendary winning team of musicians in this well-crafted musical piece like Johan Kebler an ATKW Academy winner, Bruce Wallance, the most recorded drummer in South Africa who is perfuming over 300 albums to date and a member of Radio 702 not forgetting Vinnie Herico aka “The Pocket Rocket who recorded tracks for both the opening and closing of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup South Africa directed by Mr. Lion King, Maritz lotz solo artist has on his shoulder up to date 7 albums, Robin Auld as realized 20 albums up to date, along with novels and poetry collection, Dooby Dadoctor, Cygas and Mojor tree young and inspiring producer and many others.

Estanislau is taking Déjà Vu and all his music to the global audience with extensive international tours including major global music festivals and reputable live music venues. His burning ambition is to collaborate with his idols Ivone Chaca Chaca, Ringo and Lira (South Africa), Toto, Perola, Anselmo Ralth (Angola) Asa (Nigeria) and international acts such as john Legend, Antony Hamilton, Bruno Mars and Herrique Iglesias in the third album which will be released in 2017. As part of the upcoming project a list of singles are already realized on you tube and iTunes like Do or Die, I am Missing you, I am sorry, lalalalalala, we are over, amor & amar, once a fool and more. Africa will see him as an ambassador of equality and human rights.

Stage name: ESTANISLAU
Full name: Estanislau Tiago Kalupeteca Chmbossi
Band: One man
Albums: 2 AND 5 SINGLES ON A WAY, cd NUMBER 3 soon
Twitter: Instagram: estanislaumusic